Dave Hope

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Dave Hope (born October 7, 1949) is an American bass guitarist who played with the American progressive rock band Kansas from 1970 (Original version) until the band's first split in 1983. 

Dave Hope

When he was in high school, he played defensive center for his football team and became friends with many of the members who are still part of the band today. When he was in Kansas, he was known for his signature handlebar mustache and his nickname to many was "smokin Dave" as he was usually photographed with a cigarette dangling from his lips. After the band's split Hope started the Christian band AD with Kerry Livgren and others. In 1990, a German promoter decided to reunite the original Kansas band for a special European tour. 

Everyone but Robby Steinhardt returned. The band decided to tour America as the original lineup again, but Hope left the band. In 2000, Kerry Livgren of Kansas reunited the original lineup for the Kansas album Somewhere to Elsewhere. The band members included were original band members Steve Walsh, Robby Steinhardt, Rich Williams, Kerry Livgren, Dave Hope, and Phil Ehart, and included the band's current bass player, Billy Greer. Today, Hope is a retired Anglican priest. He retired from Immanuel Anglican Church, a member congregation of the Anglican Mission in America, in Destin, Florida in 2013. 

He is currently the head of Worship, Evangelism and Outreach. He is also bassist for the praise band The IRS, and currently working to produce a local secular group with old friends. Dave is still close with the members of Kansas and has been known to play the encore of their shows when he attends. He is also husband to Diana Hope and father to Zoie Hope. Hope is also the author of a commentary on the Gospel of Luke, "Looking at Luke Through the Eyes of Hope".

with Kansas
  • Kansas (1974)
  • Song for America (1975)
  • Masque (1975)
  • Leftoverture (1976)
  • Point of Know Return (1977)
  • Two for the Show (1978)
  • Monolith (1979)
  • Audio-Visions (1980)
  • Vinyl Confessions (1982)
  • Drastic Measures (1983)
  • Somewhere to Elsewhere (2000)
  • Time Line (1984, credited as "Kerry Livgren AD")
  • Art of the State (1985, credited as "AD")
  • Reconstructions (1986, credited as "AD")
  • Prime Mover (1988, credited as "Kerry Livgren AD")
  • Reconstructions Reconstructed (1997, credited as "Kerry Livgren AD")
  • Prime Mover II (1998, credited as "Kerry Livgren")
with Ad Astra
  • Beyond Our Bounds (2008)

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