Keith Richards Brutal Mick Jagger Insult Revealed

Publié le 17 Août 2019

Keith Richards Brutal Mick Jagger Insult Revealed

The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is one of many big name interviewed in the new Chuck Berry documentary, set to premiere at the Nashville Film Festival on October 4th. Alternative Nation transcribed a dig Richards took at Mick Jagger, and comments from other people interviewed in the film. Keith Richards’ massive paycheck from The Rolling Stones’ recent shows was revealed earlier this week.

Keith said, “He’s given me more headaches than Mick Jagger.”

Berry’s attorney Wayne Schoenberg said, “You know, Chuck Berry was a character that Charles Edward Anderson Berry played.”

Themetta, his widow, said, “When he came home, he was the man I married.”

Wayne added, “The only person that I ever saw Charles be sentimental or romantic about was Themetta.”

Musicians also discussed Berry’s musical influence on rock and roll. Alice Cooper said, “It was the blueprint for what rock and roll is supposed to be.”

Steve Van Zandt said, “He was a storyteller, he brought the words.”

Cooper said, “If he couldn’t think of a word, he would just make one up.”

Joe Bonamassa chimed in, “Back in the 50’s it was the wild west, it was a new frontier.”

Howard Stern made a stunning Keith Richards claim last week. Chuck Berry tragically died in March 2017 at the age of 90 after suffering from cardiac arrest at his home near Wentzville, Missouri. Chuck Berry asked Keith Richards to leave the stage at a Hollywood Palladium show in 1972, with Berry rumored to be threatened by Richards having his amp turn up too loud and not wanting to be upstaged. Richards ended up leaving the stage, and Berry said he didn’t know who Richards was. Berry later punched Richards backstage at a New York show in 1981, again saying he didn’t know who he was. Corey Taylor revealed the bold truth about Mick Jagger yesterday.

Rédigé par Alternative Nation by Brett Buchanan

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