Nashville String Machine

Publié le 4 Mai 2019

Nashville String Machine is a musical collective comprising session musicians, based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Members of the group have been credited on records dating from 1972 to the present, although the group was formally formed as "The Nashville String Machine" in 1981.

Nashville String Machine

The group was formed by violinist and concertmaster Carl J. Gorodetsky (born 1936/7 in Pennsylvania) and his wife (also violinist) Carol W. Gorodetsky (b. 1937 in Pennsylvania). They take care of contracting arrangers, players and studio support as needed; their available supply of potential orchestra members is up to 80 strong. Since the required number of orchestra members varies from project to project, individual members come and go. However, there are four members of the ensemble who date from its 1981 founding:

  • Carol W. Gorodetsky – violin
  • Pam Sixfin – violin
  • Gary Vanosdale – viola
  • Craig Nelson – arco bass.

The music aggregating website AllMusic lists 1,171 albums on which "The Nashville String Machine" is credited (from 1972 through 2017). The group has appeared as large as an orchestra, or as small as a duo. 

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