Rocker Tom Petty Dies in Hospital - LA Police

Publié le 2 Octobre 2017

Three-time Grammy winner and legendary musician Tom Petty has died in a Los Angeles hospital, reports the LA police department. He was 66.

Rocker Tom Petty Dies in Hospital - LA Police

Petty, the frontman of The Heartbreakers, was found unconscious in his Malibu home on Sunday night. Petty's heart was beating, but he was not breathing and UCLA Santa Monica Hospital did not detect any brain activity. At the time, it was reported that he had suffered a heart attack.

After an overnight stay, the decision was made to take Petty off life support.

Rocker Tom Petty Dies in Hospital - LA Police

Petty and The Heartbreakers completed a reunion tour celebrating the 40th anniversary of the band's founding just seven days ago, on September 25. He told The Rolling Stone at the time that it would be his last national tour, but he would continue to perform.

"I need something to do, or I tend to be a nuisance around the house," said Petty in May 2017.

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