Love Letters from Elvis

Publié le 16 Juin 1971

Love Letters from Elvis is the fourteenth studio album by American singer and musician Elvis Presley, released in 1971. The album was critically panned upon release, and failed to crack the top 20 of the Billboard album charts but did reach #12 on the US Top Country Albums chart and #7 on the UK best-selling albums chart. 

Love Letters from Elvis

The album was made up of leftovers from Elvis' marathon June 1970 recording sessions in Nashville. Most of the other 35 songs recorded during those sessions had been used in Elvis' 1970 albums That's the Way It Is and Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old). Wanting to squeeze out a third album from the sessions, RCA records had producer Felton Jarvis mix, overdub and compile the remaining songs.

The song's title track was a rare instance of Presley re-recording a past hit in the studio, his original version of "Love Letters" having been released as a single in 1966. "Got My Mojo Working" is edited down from an impromptu jam session; Presley's version incorporates lyrics from "Hands Off", a 1955 song by Frankie Castro released on the Wing record label (RCA often mislabelled this song "Keep Your Hands Off of It" when the complete jam was issued on CD years later).

Three songs from this album were released on singles. The single "Life / Only Believe" was released in March 1971 and reached only #53 on the US Billboard Singles chart. It was Elvis's lowest chart position for a single since "Almost in Love" had reached #95 in late 1968. "Heart Of Rome" was placed on the B-side of the non-album track "I'm Leavin'" released as a single in August 1971 it reached #23 in the UK and #83 in Australia. 

  • Elvis Presley - lead vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar
  • James Burton - lead guitar
  • Chip Young - rhythm guitar
  • Norbert Putnam - bass
  • David Briggs - piano
  • Jerry Carrigan - drums
  • The Imperials Quartet – backing vocals
  • The Jordanaires – backing vocals on "When I'm Over You"
  • The Nashville Edition – backing vocals on "It Ain't No Big Thing (But It's Growing)"
Face 1
  • Love Letters (Edward Heyman, Victor Young) – 2:53
  • When I'm Over You (Shirl Milete) – 2:28
  • If I Were You (Gerald Nelson) – 2:50
  • Got My Mojo Working (Preston Foster) – 4:36
  • Heart of Rome (Alan Blaikley, Ken Howard, Geoff Stephens) – 2:56
Face 2
  • Only Believe (D. Paul Rader) – 2:49
  • This Is Our Dance (Les Reed, Geoff Stephens) – 3:16
  • Cindy, Cindy (Dolores Fuller, Buddy Kaye, Ben Weisman) – 2:33
  • I'll Never Know (Fred Karger, Sid Wayne, Ben Weisman) – 2:25
  • It Ain't No Big Thing (But It's Growing) (Shorty Hall, Alice Joy Merritt, Neal Merritt) – 2:49
  • Life (Shirl Milete) – 3:10
Fiche Technique
  • Titre : Love Letters from Elvis
  • Studio album by Elvis Presley
  • Released : June 16, 1971
  • Recorded : June 4–9, 1970
  • Genre : Soft rock, country
  • Length : 32:40
  • Label : RCA Records
  • Producer : Felton Jarvis

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